Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sampling underway!

Now I'm not into football but Alastair, Ray and Tom are, so when I went up to see Ray the other day after Notts Forests outstanding victory it was like a non stop football chat, then his phone goes off and there is not a standard ringtone but the sound of the Forest supporters at home!

Anyway back to work! We are in the process of tidying up this place so we can get some more styles worked up, it is like a tardis in there! The people that Ray has worked with in design terms is crazy! People we used to look up to and now he is working with us on sampling and getting things sorted before they go for full production. I wish you could meet all these people, maybe one day we can organise a get together so you can meet the people behind the clothes and the pictures. A logistical nightmare as they have things like reading the football reviews before they get their tea but we can dream.

There is more to come from our factories, I am starting a series of photography expeditions with a close Albam friend John Spinks who will be documenting in film the factories and the cities that made Great Britain. Spending so much time travelling around them and speaking to people it is something that I am passionate about and just for three little words: Made in England, that is not to knock our friends in Portugal, the USA and Italy because they can do things that we can't but until I get over there with my camera we will have to leave it at that!

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