Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Quoddy for Albam 2009

We have had amazing success with our collaboration with Quoddy (one of the finest if not "the" finest handsewing company in the US).

We were having a review with them the other day and they gave us some price increases which kind of made us wince a bit! The price is going up to about £240 for the new season on all styles which is a lot to ask. What we plan to do is run them on a made to order basis. If you would like a pair then get in touch or come in to the store for a fitting. We will require a deposit for them but we then sort the rest out and you pay the balance on receipt of a pair of made to order shoes.

Let us know what you think.We understand that this is a crazy increase but the times we are in at the moment are pretty crazy and sadly out of our hands. If Albam were doing things then I think they would be like our products, honest, solid and dependable with enough individuality to make them worth it!


Chris said...

Amazing shoes, but really sad news about the price hike. I've got three pairs of Quoddys (1 Yuketen) and the quality is unquestionably phenomenal, but I'm not sure they're so amazing to ask that price.

£60 more than the Quoddy grizzlys and that's an awesome boot.

Is this going to be the case across the range or just this pair?

Stunning shoes though.

Albam said...

The price increase is looking like it is across the range. It will be really interesting to see what happens with them. They are amazing shoes and the other select brands that use Quoddy will know that and the many happy folk wearing such great shoes. We will keep you updated on any other news we have.

Matthew said...

surely its just a function of the $:£ exchange rate. The increasing cost of imports thanks to the tanking £ should be good news for local manufacturers which Albam support (hopefully!).

Albam said...

The increase is before the exchange rate conversion! It is crazy! In a good way we are making and finding even more small manufacturers to make our products in the UK which is pretty exciting. There are new styles from Grenson in work now and another shoe factory in Northampton that can make some great things. Our manufacturers are pretty positive about the times we are in. Providing they are making great quality garments and we deliver them to customers and we get the support we have had from you guys then this small amount of UK manufacturing can stay strong.

Anonymous said...

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