Saturday, 24 January 2009

Hunting Research

Last October I headed over to Tokyo to meet up with some buyers and stores over there. Some of you may remember I picked up a book called "Hunting Jacket Research". The function and fitness for purpose these jackets have is unbelievable, some date back to the 20's and they are a major inspiration for outerwear design today and certainly for us. So these are some of the first images from the book. I am trying to get a few copies for the store and online site as it is a major bit of jacket titilation for like minded people!

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Duke De Silver (Senior) said...

Absolute clothes enthusiast especially and traditionally the most expensive bit of kit the coat.

love these designs, try and see if you can get a look at some of Nigel Cabourns collection it should leave you with a head spin for a few good weeks after viewing.