Monday, 15 December 2008

Bullit Jazz Scene

Just been to pick up some patterns and was chatting to a friend about scenes from films and we got chatting about various scenes. For Albam, Steve McQueen is and will always be a legend. This scene from Bullitt is something of a forgotten scene but brilliant. No words, just eye contact. Nothing to do with clothes but just great.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Knitting machines and Christmas Trees

On my way back I dropped into our knitwear factory to have a cup of tea and see how the top up cable knit hats and scarves are coming along. Well they are due in next week and are looking great.

What caught my eye, apart from the festive additions to the factory was the linking machine. This is the cylindrical machine in the images that attaches the sleeves, ribbing, body and other trims together making the seem invisible.

Linking takes great skill, so much so that each loop of the knit has to be hand applied to the machine and then for the joining part before they can be fastened together. Great skill, and a real craft. Something that unless trained we would not be able to do.

When I left I just thought how much skill has been lost and with it the personal satisfaction of making a garment that someone will wear. Not sure that stacking all the shelves in the world could give you that feeling.

Jeans coming through!

We have gained a great following for our Japanese denim jeans in the last month or so. So much in fact that it wiped out our stocks of them! I dropped by our secret denim plant today and saw them starting to take shape. From an unassuming 29" wide roll of denim these great Anglo/Japanese jeans are made.

We have a new style being put into work next week, based on our chino but in denim for those who want a jean/chino hybrid but slightly more formal. They are looking good so keep checking back.

New Scissors

Got some new shears today!