Friday, 27 November 2009

Albam Suit

We seem to have been rather casual recently and whilst going super smart is not our thing, we have noticed that in store the items that we release there has been an emergence of two sides to what we do.

The Albam "Wardrobe"

and then the more casual pieces to what we do.

Part of the "Wardrobe" idea was to produce pieces that are kind of a backbone to what we do and think should be part of an Albam aesthetic. Dry denim, white shirt, white T shirt, handmade shoe, canvas sneaker, weekend shoe style (Maliseet Oxford), Parka, Rain Mac ... Suit.

The suit is something that isn't really bought if it is not for work, but sometimes we have wanted to just smarten ourselves up a touch, with this in mind we have developed a 2 button blazer and a pair of slim trousers to be bought individually or as a full suit.

We have chosen to make the jacket in Italy and the trousers in the UK. The fabric for the first release is a grey flannel in a wool/cotton blend to take the rigidity out. As a jacket it is a neat shape, short without being fashionably short with a slight oversize on the patch pockets. Button cuffs which are functioning and areas of wear trimmed with a charcoal grosgrain.

The website is being worked on to reflect our development of the Albam aesthetic but with the new store opening and our small (but perfectly formed !) team is taking a touch longer than anticipated!

If you get chance then come into the stores and you will be able to see what we do, try the garments on and just have a good chat!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Final stint before the great trip

In for the last time this year to one of our factories before they pack up for a 4 week train journey across India! This time of year factories come into their own, it was a really cold day when I dropped by, but the light was super clear.

Friday, 13 November 2009

New Jeans fit are in

A few posts ago I wrote about our new jeans fits. Well they are in the store and online and they have been pretty well received. Based on what you have suggested we have released two new fits so you can just get the basis of the fit you want and if needs be they can be taken in as some of you like to do.

The two new fits are :

SLIM LEG (520) - Our slimmest fit based on the Regular Leg style with more taken out through the leg to finish at a hem of 7". If you want a skinny/close fit then go for these. To balance the shape the rise has been reduced by approx 2cm.

REGULAR LEG (521) - Our all round jean. Sits comfortably on the hips, tapers through the leg to the ankle with a 7.5" hem. Can be sized up or down depending on how you slim you like your jeans to fit.

Pictured are the Regular Leg Jean in the my waist size. These were tried on where they are made so excuse the lack of picture quality!

Back to work!

Parties are over, and now it is back to work! New styles for February deliveries and onwards. Little tweaks are being made and things are coming together quite nicely.