Friday, 20 February 2009

Grenson x Albam part 2!

This has been a long post but we took so many pictures and were so excited at seeing all the great things that it is hard to edit them down. So here are a few more, these will be the last from this visit!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Grenson x Albam

Yesterday was spent at Rushden on the outskirts of Northampton. Not the most salubrious of places but this is the real deal in terms of shoe making. And the centre of that for Albam is Grenson HQ.

The oracle of shoe making showed me around and showed me pretty much a shoe being made. Approx 250 processes go into one pair of shoes and the skill and time that goes into a pair is something to be proud of. This factory and those surrounding it (that are no longer factories) must have been spectacular sites when they were full of craftsmen and women in the truest sense of the word. A real job with real satisfaction.

Our production for the brogue and remake of the tan desert boot had just been started and our AW09 samples were nearly finished so we will be letting those of you are on the waiting list when they are arriving.

We will be back there for more shoes and just more good chat with the people crafted our shoes.

Albam x A mini refurb!

We have been meaning to make a few cosmetic changes to the store for a while now and Monday seemed like a good time to get it started before we take delivery of new things and don't get chance to do anything again. Whether it was more shelving going up or walls to be painted and new fitting rooms to be hung, we all got involved so we all get a feeling of satisfaction rather than the store being someone elses.

We are back open now and will be making little tweaks over the next few weeks but all is starting to look good. A new year (I know we are racing through it) and a new look. See you in store.

The Cagoule is on the way.

Sometimes the smallest things hold something up. In the case of our Fisherman Cagoule we are in this position! We are waiting on the leather toggles to come in which attach to the drawcords. Such a small thing is holding us up and it is very frustrating!

We have made 30 in each colour for this run, bearing in mind the world is bigger than 120 people they are still limited and have been pretty much made to order for our customers. There are a few sizes that are not allocated so if you are reading this and would like one then call us at the store on 0203 157 7000 or email info"at"

Thanks for your patience in waiting for these, we are itching to get them out to you but at the moment things seem to be taking a little bit longer than planned!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tools of the knitting trade.

Sampling has started for Autumn knitwear 2009, early but at least it is cold rather than trying on woolies when it's sunny outside.

The machines here are great, all the scissors look like they mean business. And the picture of the spider like machine is for winding yarn to reuse.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

We are out of the snow!

Well, Monday was a turn up for the books! I was ready to get in the car to head up to Manchester and I wasn't going anywhere! Tuesday was fine and I made it to Nottingham instead, a quick tour of the factories and all is coing along nicely!