Thursday, 22 January 2009

A bit of action from those up North

Tomorrow we get a top up of some of our denims and also a new style. Not for everybody but it does look great when worn in. Basically it is our Taper Chino fit in the Japanese denim. Slightly stiff to start with but when these break down they are that trouser/jean thing that sometimes there is a great need for.

Give them a go, break them in and enjoy!

There was also a great bike just loitering in the yard of the factory. No seat and no padlock but a great specimen of the old Made in England.


Simon said...

When will they be available?

Have you thought about making a carrot shaped jean? The good old loose around the thighs with a good taper towards the foot?


Albam said...

Hi Simon

They arrive in tomorrow, Tuesday 27th Jan. They will take a few days to go on the online store.

We have a few styles to come on the jeans, a bit more carroty. It depends how loose you want them round the thigh. Our new Taper Jean which we are working on at the moment might be what you are after.