Tuesday, 21 October 2008

At last a proper coffee

Japan is amazing but they don't do coffee the way Monmouth does! At least there is one thing to come back for!

The final leg to London!

Japanese Pub with Rio & his "Crew"!

My last night in Tokyo and Rio took me to a pub for some drinks with his friends before we went on a fixed wheel tour of Tokyo in the small hours of the morning! Again, great food, lots of laughs and just a good time. Thanks to Rio and all.

Shots from Aoyama

I only got here on my last day, next time I will be straight back there. Some amazing buildings, slick stores, great bookshops. Another great area.

Kurkku Cafe Chairs

My grandparents had these chairs in the UK, not the most stylish chairs, but in this setting they look pretty good!

Sushi for Breakfast

Just outside the market there are all these sushi bars. Sushi for breakfast sounds a bit strange especially now I am back in the UK. But when it is this fresh I could eat it all the time. They seem so hide the wasabi in the pieces and you forget and then it hits you! Bamm!

Tsukiji Fish Market!

The Fish Market here is awesome, sushi for breakfast and more fish than you can comprehend. The guys working htere are pretty cool, they just walk through you when you are there!

The walk to Hachiko

Turning left out of my hotel took me on a little behind the scenes as to what is just around the corner! A maze of streets with some weird and wonderful sights. I never realised the "rest" hotels were just by my hotel! Stays up to 5 hours or for a night like a normal hotel room. They had themes and were amazing! Got to Shibuya station to Hachiko and it was ace, I only took a couple of pictures of the friends who must have been going somewhere as they were all in traditional dress. So amazing! Right of to the Fish market.