Friday, 30 January 2009

Albam Denim 12 Months on!

When we started with our Japanese denim, those who knew about the amazing creature that is "Dry" denim were enthused. For those who hadn't sampled the delights, there was some trepidation about wearing such a rigid pair of jeans. Our reassuring words that they would get better and better with age were met with further questions, but on wearing they discovered how good they really are. We have various pairs from customers in different states of wear/wash etc that we are having photographed as a log book for newcomers.

This first pair is one of the first pairs from the first roll of denim. Worn for 12 months of near everyday wear, used on a bike through the streets of London. They were finally washed at the start of January and this is how they look. Washed at 40 degrees, on their own, no detergent and just hung to dry.

More pairs to come, some dry cleaned, some topped up with woolite, all looking good and telling a story. If you have any images then let us have them.


Philip said...

Are they the classic slim leg or the straight leg jean?

Albam said...

Hi Philip

This pair is the Straight Leg.

Maria said...

Nice post

Maria said...

I like the denim label I buy their dress boots for my fashion show.

Anonymous said...

Nice jeans my jeans is like that from denims.

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