Sunday, 31 October 2010

Albam Design day out

In amongst the preparations for the forthcoming busy months, I had the chance to get away midweek with LA and RW to go through where we want to be with our range for the next 12 months. We headed up to the Peak District for a spot of climbing and some inspiration at the focal point for David Mellor's design empire, a spot of lunch and then some drinks to make our plans for raising our game again. 2011 should be a good year.


james said...

Nice to see your getting out on the Grit, one thing though, Scarpa Approach shoes? Surely Walshes are more fitting for the Albam asthetic.

Albam said...

Hi James

Sportiva rather than Scarpa for me. Walsh just don't work for a spot of impromptu bouldering in my opinion.

Walsh are good but bouldering needs win out when on the grit.

Anonymous said...

That place is perfect for photography.

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