Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Brogue delivery

We have just received our new formal brogue in from our ongoing work with Grenson.

These are a move on from our City Brogue which has proved popular with our customers. This season we wanted a more elegant last to complement our suiting which is due to arrive at the end of October. The "broguing" (technically the "Rose") has been updated with a larger punch.

A beautiful elegant shoe for those who have our heavier Gibson shape, various heavy brogues and just want to take the next step with a brogue.

Available in burnished tan, and on the shelves at each of our stores. They will be going online next week.

Price: £225 (full and half sizes available)


Maggie Westhead said...

Love the look of this new brogue. See my post of Albam (me and my husband love it!):

Anthony said...

Will these go online soon?

Anonymous said...

I like the brown shoes so shinny.

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