Monday, 1 November 2010

Albam x Grenson

We've just received the latest style in our collaboration with Grenson. For Autumn Winter we've developed our Gibson weekend shoe, adding a new navy colourway and slightly reworking the construction. We're thrilled with the result.

To ensure the team was up to speed with the intricacies of the crafting process, Joe from Grenson popped into our Beak St store to talk us through exactly how an Albam x Grenson shoe is made. So if you've got any questions about Clickers or Lasts, Burnishing or Goodyear welts, we've got the answers!

The AW10 Gibson will be available in-store from Thursday.


Fred Dorsimont said...

Hi, will these be available in size 6?
Thanks, Fred

Scott said...

When will they be online and is there a price point?


Magnus Wilde said...

Do you still stock brouge shoes from them? They look amazing.

Albam said...

- Fred
The smallest size we go down to is a 7 I am afraid.

- Scott
These should be going online this week, they have been shot at the studio so are ready to go. Price wise I believe they are £225.

- Magnus
Yes we do, we have updated the last for this season and they are beautiful. They should be online but are definitely in store.

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes so shinny.

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