Wednesday, 11 August 2010

AW10 - nearly there

August is always a strange month. One minute it is weather for shorts, the same day you have to reach for the umbrella and the next minute you wish you had some winter clothes. Well that should soon be over and then we can get down to the best part of the Autumn/Winter season - jackets, knits, layers, boots, accessories. So many great things!

We did a few look shots for a handful of the styles that are coming through this winter, some are taking a cleaner aesthetic with more development in fabrications and cuts after the last 6 months of speaking with customers about what they are wanting and where we want to go with things. The results are the AW10 pieces here and a number that are yet to be shot.

Let the guys know to give you a heads up when the new styles start to drop.


Anonymous said...

looking excellent, guys.

Anonymous said...

Looking good because of that clothes.

Laby[White Suits]