Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Irwin Shawl Collar Cardigan

Our latest shawl collar cardigan arrived in a couple of weeks ago and I have just got round to posting this piece (an awful lot is happening behind the scenes at Albam, more of that later). We spent the day at one of our knitwear factories working on the finishing touches to the AW10 range and I took these pics of the machine that has just created our Irwin Shawl Collar Cardi.

Seeing one of the ladies knit this piece is something of a wonder. Due to the quality of the yarn and the tension we have wanted to give the piece it has to be knitted on a hand machine rather than a power machine. What this ultimately means is you get a lot of work for your money and if I am honest much more than the value of the garment due to the time and skill it takes to make one piece. They are selling super quickly, and I know we dropped off a small number of the navy version to Oi Polloi last week, of which they only have sizes 1 and 2 remaining.

A great piece of knitwear and something that marks the start of a new level of input for Albam,


Ms M said...

I love the old flat bed knitting machines. Esp flying tigers/dubiers. People really don't realise the amount of work that goes into a piece of knitwear! Great product. Love the behind the scenes blog!

Anonymous said...

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