Monday, 29 March 2010

The hard work begins!

We have had a great opportunity present itself to us in the last few months. A new store! We are planning to give it a go and the work started today.

The space stays true to the things that we stand for both visually and location wise whilst enabling us to improve what we do for our customers without having to join forces with others to compromise what we do.

Our small team have set to work and we will be updating the progress along the way. As Easter is coming it gives us a little more time than we usually give ourselves.

An opening date hasn't been given yet but when we know we will put it up here and some other places. Thanks for all your support and see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice one chaps!All the best with this, hope everything goes to plan.

Archie said...

Whereabouts is the new shop you're opening?

cjf said...

great stuff guys, the DIY approach is inspiring and puts a real character in how your spaces are presented to the customer.