Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The English Sweatshirt.

We have just taken delivery of our first sweatshirt piece which we are pretty excited about. We have started with the classic zip thru hoody, perfect for these blustery days under our wind jammer zipping through the streets on our bikes.

Two more styles are due in, for the beginning of April. The classic Crew sweatshirt and a pullover hoody with a little twist. This new style is going quick but we are knitting more sweatshirt fabric on some crazy knitting machines (not the ones pictured but these did look great!)


Philip said...

Is there any more information about the crew neck sweatshirt? I'm really quite excited about it.

Albam said...

Philip, sweatshirts are instore now. They should be going on the online store next week. If you email one of the team they can sort out one for you.

Anonymous said...

They have online store? how about in Amazon and ebay?

Laby[zoot suits]