Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Albam - Shirts Made in England. Coming September!

We have always been on the lookout for an English shirt maker to work with us on some of our shirts. Our existing shirts are made for us by a great factory in Portugal, but there has just been something about the English shirt that we wanted in the range. It should be easy to find but even though we have the famed Jermyn Street the shirtmakers have been squeezed out for cut price shirts.

Recently we got a tip off from a customer about a small factory that makes a great shirt. 10 minutes later a call was made and an appointment booked in to go through what we want to do.

We are really excited at this new development, we will still be working with our Portugese friends as they have supported us since our beginning and took a chance with us but we think there is always room for an English shirt and possibly an American shirt to add a little variation. Watch this space but the English shirt should land September time.


Lark said...

That's really exciting! I can't wait to see the result. Something about "Made in England" always makes me happy.


Quail said...

You should ask me! We're currently making mens shirts in organic cotton down in Devon. Wholesale available.

Maria said...

Nice post

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing and I want to share you also my dinner jacket for your style.

Anonymous said...

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