Sunday, 30 November 2008

A time for winter woolies

Another town in the Midlands and another of our great factories. One of the last knitwear manufacturers in the UK of its type we think and they are great. Solid, crafted knits and a lot of stories and great hours spent here. Still a family concern and just the way we like it.

Perhaps with increased heating costs and this cold weather we are experiencing there has never been a better time to wrap up in some English crafted knitwear made from real wool rather than a synthetic blend.

Over the course of the next few months we will be putting together a great piece with our friend and great photographer Mr Spinks. We want to shed some light on English manufacturing, the power it once held within the world, its demise through peoples desire for consuming cheap, inferior products, the effects this has on the economy (maybe just read the papers and have a little think) and also the light that we see at the end of the tunnel. Those who actually make have great skills that they and we don't realise until it has gone and things fall apart.

The final showcase for this hasn't been decided but we want to show how great it is to create a garment and celebrate those who make it and encourage more people to do the same.

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Duke De Silver (Senior) said...

I Totally agree, buy British, cpuldnt say it better, you should read my blog on this, dont buy made in china Im not saying its cheap and inferior Im merely saying support your countrys industry.
Made in England used to be sign of quality, in my mind and in reality it still is.

Other words that srike delight into my heart are "made in Italy" & "made in Japan".