Sunday, 30 November 2008

Albam Leather Goods - Made by Hand in England and coming into the store from now.

I nipped into our leather factory last week and went round to see our pieces being made, sampled and to chat to the guys and girls making each piece. It is amazing, each piece is made by hand, using old, authentic machinery that is manually operated and produces each piece from a "hide" individually sourced from well fed, expertly reared cattle in Argentina. The quality of the bag goes back to the leather and how the animal was fed and looked after.

Anyway, I have included some images of each piece of a bag being cut out from the leather and also the "clicker" starting the process for the belts. So lovely to see people enjoying what they are making and making something with so much pasison and enthusiasm. 40 people are employed here, a fraction of a larger off shore factory but each piece has an attention to detail that gives it a unique characteristic rather than an "identikit" product.

Again, great people, great factory and all an hours drive from London, who would have thought it!

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