Monday, 15 September 2008

The Cagoule

The cagoule nearly didn't make it into the range. It was actually an afterthought and came out so well that we had to do it. For those who have the burnt orange this is the rarest colourway as we only produced 25 worldwide.

We have seen a few guys wearing them around town and it still puts a smile on our face to see people wearing Albam. Something most labels take for granted but for us I don't think we will ever get complacent of seeing people wearing Albam and enjoying the garments, it makes everything worthwhile when people like what we do.

There are some more colourways of this piece and from feedback with a number of our customers we are putting the finishing touches to some new additions to this range, some in the same fabric types and others in new fabrics. If you want to know more then register on our site: and we can let you know when they come in.

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