Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Albam accessories & Soho's finest Cappucino

Sometimes you need to see how things look in the right environment, and there is always time to get a cappucino at Fernandez & Wells. The lemon meringue pies are also pretty special.

We are now bringing our leather accessories back to England to be made. This is our credit card wallet, at this moment in time probably not the best time to be using a credit card but cash is just as good and you know where you are.

In the same way we price our garments to give our customers a real value for money these items will also be the same. Made by the same guys who used to make the British luxury brands before they went offshore, they are quite special.

Belts, bags and more accessories will follow and be in the store and online for Christmas 2008. Check out www.albamclothing.com

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Lark said...

That place looks really nice. Good coffee and treat. Always essential.