Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Cagoule is on the way.

Sometimes the smallest things hold something up. In the case of our Fisherman Cagoule we are in this position! We are waiting on the leather toggles to come in which attach to the drawcords. Such a small thing is holding us up and it is very frustrating!

We have made 30 in each colour for this run, bearing in mind the world is bigger than 120 people they are still limited and have been pretty much made to order for our customers. There are a few sizes that are not allocated so if you are reading this and would like one then call us at the store on 0203 157 7000 or email info"at"

Thanks for your patience in waiting for these, we are itching to get them out to you but at the moment things seem to be taking a little bit longer than planned!

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